Infrastructure Masons Inaugural Networking Event

May 16, 2016

Dean Nelson and the Advisory Council from Infrastructure Masons will be hosting their inaugural networking event on Monday May 16th from 6-9pm at the Hotel Valencia in Santana Row. This exclusive, invitation only event with host more than 100 executives and technical professionals who build and operate massive infrastructure portfolios for some of the biggest brands in the world.

To support one of the Infrastructure Masons’ founding principles, they have partnered with Geeks Giving Back (GGB) for this event. GGB is securing event sponsors who will be donating to support the construction of the Just Let Me Learn School in Sesawng India. Just by attending the event, the Masons’ will be helping children in India have access to quality education.

Just Let Me Learn Sesawng Mountain Village School


This is a free event for Infrastructure Masons members only. Seating is limited. Request access here:

Geeks Giving Back Attendance Form

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Contact Maricel Cerruti for sponsorship openings.

Maricel Cerruti
Geeks Giving Back

Hotel Valencia in Santana Row

Hotel Valenica, Santana Row

Infrastructure Masons (IM) is a non-profit industry group of executives and technology professionals entrusted with building and operating the physical and logical structures of the Digital Age. They are dedicated to the advancement of the Industry, development of their fellow masons, and empowering business and personal use of the infrastructure to better the economy, the environment, and society.

Geeks Giving Back (GGB) is a non-profit industry group hosting networking events bringing IT, Data Center, Real Estate and Facilities professionals together to share ideas, build relationships and network in an informal, relaxed environment – all for a good cause! The purpose of the networking events is to raise funds to support non-profit charity organizations.

The Just Let Me Learn Foundation is an organization that enables children in economically challenged areas of the world to have access to education built on high academic standards and a world view based on human dignity and self-worth.


For more information, please contact:
Maricel Cerruti
Geeks Giving Back